Here is a wishlist of texts that we would like to see someday on the library. Please feel free to add something if you think it is amazing. Requests for "classic" texts should be put on the Classics list.

This is a list for texts we'd like to add, but do not have ready access to.

  • Works by Joseph Ishill (Free Vistas vol. #1 & 2)

  • "The Left-Handed Path of Repression"

  • "When We Looked at the World with the Left Eye" by Manolo Gonzalez

  • "Anarchy After Leftism" by Bob Black

  • Zero by the Zero Collective. London

  • Siren -- A Journal of Anarcho-Feminism

  • Green Anarchist, issues 67, 65 and prior. Oxford, UK

  • Earth First! Journal, articles concerning deep ecology and anarchism (mid-1980's)

  • The Raven, especially issues 17, 18, 21

  • works by Colin Ward

  • Strong Hearts issues 1-4 more PDF appropriate --enkidu 23/6/12

  • Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left by Murray Bookchin

  • Nechaev And Bakunin: Left Libertarianism's Lavender Lineage by Robynski. Northcote, Victoria, Australia 1994

  • Gay Anarchist Tide late 1970's

  • Gay Clone late 1970's

  • The Storm! A Journal for Free Spirits