Title: How to: The Anarchist Library in different languages
Author: librarian

There are a few things that require some tech knowledge, but in all steps you can have help. After contacting the library via email @ library@angrylists.com or via IRC, the main things to do are:

  1. Translate the software that the library runs. This is usually done in 3-4 hours and maybe you will need to take care specially in the bookbuilder section because there are technical words that needs a well understanding of how is happening (you can see the bookbuilder tutorial). The tech procedures to translate the software are described in https://amusewiki.org/library/translating-the-interface#toc7. Please make sure to read only the section “Translating the interface (for translators/non-tech)” (for non-technical users). [need to add note for technical users...] Please note: you don't have to translate everything. If something doesn't make any sense to you, leave it alone. Some things are admin-only. Be sure to translate the most obvious ones, though

  2. Uploading texts is not the same that uploading PDFs. To start you will need to have a few links with texts in HTML like Anarchy Archives. This way, you can easily copy/paste the texts and adapt it using the markup language muse, which is very easy to learn. Contextual help and an extensive manual is provided.

  3. Choose a specific domain (a site ending with .fr for example) or a subdomain in theanarchistlibrary.org (e.g. fr.theanarchistlibrary.org). We are happy to provide subdomain on theanarchistlibrary.org for your project, but if you would like another URL, you will need to buy it.

  4. Choose a logo. You can create one by yourself or pick one of the sister libraries.

  5. Provide some typographical rules for the target language. You need to describe some things as the use of quotes («», “” or others), use of em dash (), etc. For quotation marks, maybe it will useful to take a look at Wikipedia. More details will be given once you do the previous steps.
    I think the order of steps is important but keep in mind that there are other people that maybe have something to say about any of that and maybe add more, but these are the main things to do.

  6. theanarchistlibrary.org is happy to provide the infrastructure for your project. We provide the server, an email list, group communication via IRC and Matrix protocol, cloud file sharing, support for your project, and more - all hosted on our own infrastructure maintained by anarchists. Once your project is launched, we're not looking to manage or make decisions for you, it's your project - we are only here to help you share the most beautiful idea.

  7. There is also another anarchist project that is hosting libraries over at anarchistlibraries.net. Their contact information and howto is listed on the link. We are sharing this to provide different options and information for those interested in creating anarchist libraries. Of note, if you decide to host on your own or use anarchistlibraries.net project to host your project, we are still happy to list your new language on our website and share your announcement. Good luck!