Title: Convert the EPUB to MOBI (for Kindle)
Topic: HowTo

Starting from October 2010, all the texts on the library are available in the EPUB format (aimed to mobile devices and e-readers). The format is an open stardard and we can support it. However, some devices don't support it. Unfortunately, one of these is one of the most used e-reader, the Kindle, sold by Amazon. True, the Kindle can open the PDFs, but this format is not really suitable for the mobile devices, because its layout is fixed. So, you have at least 3 solutions to be able to read the library's texts, if you're one of the unlucky users of the Kindle.

  1. Sell it! Trash it! Fuck Amazon and its toys. Ok, this is not really a solution, is it?

  2. Convert the .epub to .mobi using the tool that Amazon distributes for free, the Kindlegen

  3. Convert the .epub to .mobi using Calibre. This is probably the best solution, because Calibre is free (as in freedom) software. Calibre can convert the EPUB to a large variety of formats. If your device supports only exotic formats, you can try with Calibre.

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