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April 2014 (unofficial, contains HTML + sources, it's not an ISO)

Help on ISOs

The .torrent of the library is released as an iso files. It's a convenient way to package the huge amount of files shared without making your client freeze or crash. They are so-called "images" of a file-system.

The ISO contains a full mirror of the library site

If you don't know what to do with the ISO, this is the page for you.

On Windoze (a.k.a. Microsoft Windows)

With the ISO you can do basically 2 things: burn it on a physical CD or DVD (and then access the files inserting the CD-ROM into the tray), or unpack the iso on your disk storing them normally.

Burn it!

On your burning software, you have to use the option "Burn image".

Please note that Windoze doesn't come by default with a serious burning tool and burning the ISO without it is impossible. So, if you don't have specific burning software installed see below about extracting the archive.

See also:

Unpack and browse the files on your disk

Probably the best way to do this is to install 7-zip, a compression utility which is free software:

Once is installed, right click on the .iso file and "unpack" and wait.

Right click on the file -> 7-zip -> "Extract in ...": (ok, it's italian, but the highlighted menu says "7-zip -> Extract in cd-a4-2010-09-22"


And finally you have it. Open index.html to browse.

On Linux

You can mount the iso for local browsing or burn it.


With K3B, Brasero, or similar software: find "Burn image" in the menu, select the file, and burn it. Or, at the command line should be enough

$ growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd=image.iso

Where file.iso is the downloaded file.

Unpack on the disk

At the command line, as root, do:

# mkdir -p /mnt/iso

# mount -o loop path/to/the/file.iso /mnt/iso

You'll find the files on /mnt/iso.


Opening titles.html in the root directory with a browser should be enough to give you full access to the texts.

The "sources" directory contains the sources of both the software used and the library archive in its bare form (from which everything else is generated).

The README.txt


In this directory you can find an ISO image for each library (english,
russian, finnish, serbo-croatian, spanish, macedonian). You can burn
them on a physical DVD or CD, extract them with 7-zip, or just mount
them. See
if you feel lost.

The images contain all the texts on and
its sister projects, as seen on July 8th, 2013.

Once you have mounted, burned, or extracted the ISO, you can either
browse the folders or open the file titles.html to browse it (opening
titles.html with Firefox/Chrome/Explorer will do the job).


If something is not OK (broken links, data corruption, whatever) on
this release, you have to blame

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